Getting to know Olympia



Olympia is a gay friendly city. It's not perfect. No place is. But we're known for our overall embrace of diversity.

We were called "the hippest town in the west" by Time magazine and have been recognized as a hotbed of alternative music with festivals such as Yo Yo A Go Go and Homo A Go Go (Yes, that Homo as in Queer!).

We're three towns in one with a metropolitan population three times that of the Capital City itself. Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater are so close that sometimes next door neighbors live in different towns. This provides the metropolitan area with a lot of the amenities commonly associated with larger cities without losing that intimate, small town feel. Plus, we're just a little more than an hour away from Seattle and two hours from Portland.

Olympia boasts active GLBTQ social and service organizations, friendly and accepting churches, a couple of exciting gay bars, and the best small town Pride celebration anywhere.


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  "I love Olympia because it's a place of community and heart." - Kaleigh Costello